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global adj
1 involving the entire earth; not limited or provincial in scope; "global war"; "global monetary policy"; "neither national nor continental but planetary"; "a world crisis"; "of worldwide significance" [syn: planetary, world(a), worldwide]
2 having the shape of a sphere or ball; "a spherical object"; "nearly orbicular in shape"; "little globular houses like mud-wasp nests"- Zane Grey [syn: ball-shaped, globose, globular, orbicular, spheric, spherical]

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  • a UK /ˈgləʊbəl/, /"gl@Ub@l/
  • a US , /ˈgloʊbəl/, /"gloUb@l/
  • Rhymes with: -əʊbəl


globe + -al


  1. spherical, ball-shaped
    In the center was a small, global mass....
  2. In the context of "not comparable": of or relating to a globe or sphere
  3. In the context of "not comparable": concerning all parts of the world
    Pollution is a global problem.
  4. In the context of "not comparable|computing": of a variable, accessible by all parts of a program
    Global variables keep support engineers employed.

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  • Finnish: pallomainen, pyöreä
  • Polish: kulisty , sferyczny
  • Russian: сферический
of or relating to a globe or sphere
concerning all parts of the world
  • Finnish: maailmanlaajuinen, globaali
  • French: global, global, mondial, mondiale
  • German: global
  • Hungarian: globális
  • Polish: globalny
  • Russian: всемирный, глобальный
of a variable, in computing
  • Finnish: globaali
  • German: global
  • Russian: глобальный


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  1. global italbrac worldwide
  2. italbrac worldwide





  1. global italbrac worldwide


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The adjective global and the adverb globally mean pertaining to, or embracing, the totality of a number of items, categories, etc. They also mean comprehensive and all-inclusive. Global is a synonym of worldwide and means of, or relating to, or involving the entire world in the general sense or as the planet Earth.
It has been argued that global has replaced international or world as a way of referring to issues, processes and structures that affect human beings collectively.
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

absolute, across-the-board, admitting no exception, all-comprehending, all-comprehensive, all-covering, all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-filling, all-including, all-inclusive, all-out, all-pervading, allover, blanket, broad, bulblike, bulbous, categorical, catholic, clear, compendious, complete, comprehensive, conclusive, cosmic, cosmopolitan, country-wide, decided, decisive, definite, definitive, determinate, developed, downright, ecumenic, ecumenical, ellipsoid, encyclopedic, entire, epidemic, explicit, express, extensive, far-reaching, final, fixed, flat, flat-out, full, full-fledged, full-grown, full-scale, galactic, globate, globe-shaped, globed, globelike, globoid, globose, globular, heaven-wide, hemispheric, implicit, inappealable, indisputable, intact, international, mature, matured, national, nondenominational, nonsectarian, obovoid, omnibus, orb, orbed, orbic, orbicular, orbiculate, orblike, orby, out-and-out, outright, over-all, ovoid, pandemic, panoramic, peremptory, perfect, planetary, positive, ripe, round, solid, sphere-shaped, spherelike, spheric, spheriform, spheroid, straight, straight-out, sweeping, synoptic, total, unabbreviated, uncircumscribed, unconditional, unconditioned, uncut, undiminished, undoubting, unequivocal, unexpurgated, unhampered, unhesitating, universal, unlimited, unmistakable, unmitigated, unqualified, unquestioning, unreserved, unrestricted, unwaivable, utter, whole, wide-ranging, without exception, without omission, without reserve, world-wide, worldwide
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